30 Challenges : How my friends gamified my 30th

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And voila, here we are, I turned 30th without a hitch. Conclusion: I do not run faster or slower, but my desire to continue traveling is there more then ever .

Since I was a little girl, travel is my thing (I wanted to be a stewardess). Probably because I had the chance to go to the other side of the world soon enough … I think I was especially intrigued by my Malagasy roots but hey I will talk about this in another post.

Well that said, this year will be special, I decided to take the time to live, something I had forgotten to do for a while. So I set two goals.

  1. Enjoy a trip of four months in New Zealand and South East Asia on 1 March 2015.
  2. Honor my friends who had the brilliant idea to make me work during that time.

For my 30th birthday, they submitted 30 Crazy challenges that I have to achieve during my trip. So in someway, this blog is for them. So they can follow my adventures in the coming months. Basically, each challenge will be a 15-second video that I will publish on my instagram account

List of challenges:

  1. You will begin this challenge by drinking a shot of Tequila with the person of your choice.
  2. You must take a pebble in each country where you go.
  3. You will have to ask to the nice people you will met to wear your Sunglasses « Heart »
  4. You will skydive an extraordinary place
  5. You will ride on the back of an elephant dressed as poacher in Asia and with a cigarette !
  6. You will have a fit of the giggles in a quiet place
  7. You will dance to Michael Jackson you have to be as good as he was.
  8. You will eat a grilled grasshopper.
  9. You will have to create the Ice Phuket challenge. Find own concept.
  10. You will sing in the mirror « J attends l’amour » by Jennifer.
  11. You will plant a plant in the country of your choice
  12. You must make a Selfie under water in every ocean / sea that you will go.
  13. You must make a Selfie Aung San Suu Kyi
  14. You must make a Selfie with 5 differents monkeys.
  15. You will swing or sing Francky Vincent at the full moon party
  16. You will eat a whole bag of regular nature chips.
  17. You will have to turn the wheel on the most beautiful beaches, shouting « IODAGE Au MAAAAX!! « .
  18. You will have to pretend to be someone else to a stranger during 15 seconds.
  19. You will have to attend a cockfight and bet on the winner.
  20. You will have to eat a starfish.
  21. You will blow your 30 candles at once
  22. You must say in front of the camera « holly shit I am 30 years old … »
  23. You must say 5x Candyman in the mirror.
  24. You will make you a new tattoo in the country of your choice.
  25. You will say, « Would you like to sleep with me » in each country you will visit in their own language.
  26. You will succeed in making your laces the first time
  27. You will have to drink a shot of green alcohol, in 30 different bars.
  28. You will light a SkyLantern in the dedicated to Your friends.
  29. You will make a snowman with the person of your choice.
  30. You will conclude these 30 challenges by merging everything in one video

Well i was thinking i was going chill during my trip … but well, I am committed to success on this challenges or I pay for my drinks for everyone. So if any of you know where I can eat a starfish in Asia, (knowing that I m not going to China) or if you have any advice for the best spot to skydive? Let me know !


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