Negril, jamaica in all-inclusive

From Montreal, I boarded on a plane that looks like a cuckoo. I was not really calm but the fly was fast, 30 minutes flight and here I am in Toronto for the longest internal correspondence of my life! (7 hours waiting in the Airport)

I found a last minute deal that combines hotel and flight for less than $ 1,000. To be honest, I’m not an adept of all-inclusive (summer camp trauma) but after theses weeks working as a crazy, my brain is no longer able to organize a trip. I need to pause and forget the cold and stress!

Travel in All Inclusive

The convenience of all-inclusive trip is that you do not have to think about how to make you from the airport to the hotel at 1am. Everything is set up for you. So I arrived in Montego Bay, its warm ! I’m thrilled! We head to a minibus filled with vacationers. I’m starting to regret this all inclusive option when I realize that I am surrounded by couples. Of course, I have nothing against them, but being alone in this context makes you feel a little « different » … In general being alone is a pleasure for me, but I must admit that during the breakfast i felt like an alien. I am the only « solo » but that did not bother for too long, I quickly escape the hotel breakfast when i discoverd the Jerk Chicken in a hut on the beach … yeah Jamaican chicken is amazing!

Beach Negril

First day, I woke up at 7am, put on my bathing suit towards the beach. I take a break to contemplate before swimming. I breathe … The view is beautiful, the sea is peaceful, some tourists already splashing in the water while local are busy with their business (fruit sale, jewelry, crafts and others). I spend the day lounging on the beach where I discovered with a smile that American of my mother’s age are quiet sensitive to the charms of Jamaican. That day i realized that i am in the most busiest spot in Negril Negril. Before leaving, I had barely search for things to do in Negril … luckily I have my pinterest board.

I jumped in a taxi and asked the driver to take me where it wants as long as the place is a quiet and relaxing. The guy was called Mister Positiv ( so cliché) He left me to the side of a road in front of an entry that look ok, but I when approach I discover a beautiful spot and I already feel guilty for being here ☺

Without further ado, I undress, I get my mask and my snorkel and I run to make my first dive! This is also the time of my fall on a rock that will let me probably the most beautiful of my scars. I discover the joy of cleaning a wound with rum! But the place is beautiful, reminds me « les calanques de cassis) . FYI, the spot is called Xtabit.



I spend the day visiting the area and meet local. The next day, I visit the Mayfield Falls, where I met with some cool americans girls. The surrounding landscape really remind me of part of the series « Lost. »



The girls, gave me their contact to for snorkeling on the reef. His name is Roger, Captain Roger. he gave me an appointment at 9am the next day on his small boat in front of my hotel. That day I learned a lot of fish names and my favorite is the Sergent major ☺

The rest of the week was a bit like that: snorkeling, relaxing, homar tasting, a lot of reading and above all the rest I needed.

The conclusion of all this is that all-inclusive travel, is convenient to save money and it has certain advantages. Negril I will definitely return, but this time, I’ll stay on the cliffs side rather than the beach.

link to contact the Captain-Roger


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